• Enrollment

Analyze applications of prospective students based on standard admission policies, interview students to understand objectives and background and provide general assistance with all recruitment activities, student interviews, admissions and information sessions.

  • Student Affairs

Our mandate is to provide a broad range of services and support to help learners navigate through the virtual programs successfully. We offer advice and tutoring to all students from pre-enrollment to graduation – the realization of their educational goal. Services include but are not limited to academic, financial, motivational, and emotional counselling.

  • Academic Progression

 Responsible for developing and maintaining an up- to-date and reliable database for educational records of students.  In addition, we will also closely monitor students’ performance throughout their programme / area of study to ensure consistence with scholarship conditions and overall, career aspirations (minimum GPA which needs to be maintained etc.)  Our role also involves generation of assessment reports to track progress and working along with Student Affairs to provide support to students who may require assistance.

  • Study Centers and Learning Materials

Dedicated to enhancing knowledge and personal growth by promoting open and distance learning throughout the country. We aim to market GOAL in every region and also provide students with the requisite learning materials and support system to guarantee their success.

  • Finance , Admin and IT

To maintain efficient and reliable data collection and management system for both students and staff.

To provide support to the executive management team through budget planning for scholarship disbursement, fees collection and general expenditure.

The ICT Unit coordinates activities towards the delivery of Information Systems and Technology to the GOAL programme particularly the student community and administrative staff. Systems users at all levels rely on a stable and user-friendly technological environment to undertake their work and development studies.