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Yes. there will be mandatory community service dependent upon the duration of the programme completed. Details will be provided in the content.

No, you may do your community service in any private, public, NGO or registered organization.

No, you may work wherever you choose or find employment.

Yes, you must be 18 years old or over.

No, only some of the programmes are fully online; others are offered as open distance learning (ODL). Many offer the student the flexibility to self-pace. Note that while all the lectures and tutorials are online.

While the line of difference is blurring rapidly, Online courses/programmes are delivered via the Internet and may include emails and discussion boards. ODL involves the use of telecommunication to provide or enhance learning and may encompass all technologies and other forms of learning at a distance.

It varies; some Universities require exams, while others may require course work/paper submissions.

It may vary by Institution. IGNOU requires written paper exams; IU requires online exams but you can take a mock exam to determine your readiness for the final exam; UWI Open Campus has no exam; it accepts 100% course work to determine progression.

Yes. Your current employment does not determine your eligibility for scholarship.

You will not be eligible for another GOAL scholarship except if your first scholarship was the SCQF programme.

No, you will only be granted a scholarship for one programme.

Yes, you can apply for the programme and pay the appropriate fees.

Yes. Outreaches will be facilitated in all Administrative regions.

All of the universities offer support services, however, GOAL also has a Student Affairs Department available for students requiring assistance, guidance and/or information. There will also be Learning and Resource Centers across the country in each of the administrative regions.

Yes. Many of the Universities offer the option of a break during the period of study to a maximum of six (6) months per programme. However, you should consult your academic counsellor before taking a break.

Yes, but a person will only be approved for one scholarship.

However, there are several vocational programmes offered at the University of the West Indies (Open Campus) that enable students to continue with Part II pending the successful completion of Part I of the said programmes.

Yes, you can. 

GOAL has partnered with several universities, which offer two to six months’ certificate programmes including – FOOD AND NUTRITION, JOINERY & CABINET MAKING, MOTORCYCLE SERVICE AND REPAIR AND MASSAGE THERAPY.

These programmes require no formal education.

You will have to prepare a proposal that would benefit your community or place of employment and email it GOAL for approval.

Course/Programme Duration Community Service Required
Six (6) Months of Studying Two (2) Weeks
One (1) Year of Studying Four (4) Weeks
Two (2) Years of Studying Six (6) Weeks
Three (3) Years of Studying Eight (8) Weeks

Our main office is located at Ogle Estate, GUYSUCO Compound, ECD. 

GOAL is not a University. It is an umbrella institution that has partnerships with several accredited international universities to offer flexible and relevant programmes to Guyanese.

No, however, work experience is a requirement for acceptance into some degree programmes.

Scholarship applications will be completed within 2 weeks. Eligibility/acceptance into a programme will be completed within 4 weeks.

There are several certificate programmes being offered that require no formal qualification.

You can also apply for The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) programme offered through JAIN.

See requirements for the specific programme of interest to you. Generally, a photo ID, transcripts, certificates. Post -graduate and Master’s programmes may have additional requirements, such as work-related experience for a particular duration.

You may fill an online application and upload the required supporting documents or download the application, fill it and send it with the supporting documents to the address listed.

GOAL only currently facilitates scholarship applications which are listed on our website.

You will need internet to pursue this programme. The use of internet services is however, limited to downloading and uploading assignments. You will have access to digital study materials on your laptop which you can read offline.

Also, GOAL will make available study centres all across Guyana, fully equipped with computer devices and community internet hubs for students to utilize.

No, you will not have to. All partnering Universities have fully digitized formats and thus you will be accessing material virtually from the comfort of your home/study center. In some instances, where physical examinations must be sat, GOAL will provide the mechanism for those assessments to be facilitated.

For more information about programmes and requirements visit our website at or our Facebook Page @Guyana Online Academy of Learning.

Applications can be submitted via our application portal at or can be physically dropped off at the Ministry of Public Service, 164 Waterloo Street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana.

For more information about programmes and eligibility requirements visit our website at or our Facebook Page @Guyana Online Academy of Learning.

Presently goal scholarships are only open to resident Guyanese.

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